Tutorial at SciPy2024

Hi all,

I’ll be at SciPy2024, July 8-9, Tacoma, WA. I presume several others in the community will be there as well. Is there any interest in giving a tutorial?

Deadline for submissions is February 27th.


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I had a great time last time, doing a joined tutorial with Napari together with @jni and @kne42 and would be tempted to do so again. Regardless of who of us (skimage) and Napari will be there I think it worked very well together.

I’m surprised you are so positive about it after your travel woes last time @lagru :joy: But yes, it was good and it would be good to get a do-over. We can even update our filtering lesson with @stefanv’s explanation of why convolution inverts the filter order. :smiley:

I’d be happy to participate, or not, whichever is most helpful :slight_smile: It’d be good to get other community members & core team involved.

Magic of adrenaline and cortisol I guess. :sweat_smile:

@jni, With the submission deadline closing in, do you have more information from Napari’s side? Would you want to present the Napari part again?

From scikit-image’s site @stefanv and me had the idea to invite @agdev as well, and from what he told me he’s very interested in helping with the tutorial. :blush:

I’m happy to kick this off once we have an idea who will be participating in the tutorial officially and unofficially (moral support and questions). :wink:

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Oh, it would be very helpful if you still have your text from last years submission lying around. I didn’t find anything in our archive.

Yes, I can do the napari side at a minimum. (ie maybe we can get someone else from the napari team to participate, which would be ideal, but I’m happy to do it if not.)

I think this is a fantastic idea! But — do you know what his visa situation is? I hear travel to the US from African countries can be a huge nightmare and take months to approve. So we should get this process started.

I’ll post on the napari Zulip. But I’m in either way. (But will hand off my section at the earliest opportunity :sweat_smile:.)

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Hi @jni, you are right about the visa situation coming from Africa. However, with the kind of visa (B-1), the reputation of the conference and my sponsors, it should be a pleasant experience. Also, it always helps to put in an application early. With the conference scheduled for July, that’s an ample enough time to get an interview scheduled.

Thanks @stefanv and @lagru for the consideration.

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Ok I found the proposal from last year, which we should be able to use more or less unchanged, minus changing the presenters:

It includes all the sections of the proposal submission form. :blush:

I’m not sure who we should put in as the presenters, but I think it’s worth putting in all of our names who will be there, and adding a note to the organisers that we would have to decide final presenters closer to the conference — due visa issues and other travel uncertainty. Definitely not due to our lack of organisation! :sweat_smile:

Super admire your optimism @agdev, but is it based on any hard evidence? For B-1 on this site for Lagos, I see either 427 days (!!!) or 132 days if you qualify for an interview waiver — I don’t know how that works. So even the most optimistic estimate takes us right to the start of the conference, just to get an appointment. Further, I read:

Note: Travel for the purpose of […] participating in an annual business/academic/professional conference […] does not qualify for expedited appointments. For such travel, please schedule a regular visa appointment well in advance.

So my question is whether you are sure that B1 is the correct visa here, in which case it seems we are screwed, or whether any of the super-fast visas (F/M/J and H/L/O/P/Q) would work for a conference. (I do not know.)

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Thank you @jni that should speedup the application significantly.

:+1: We’d need to know the names of who’s considering attending from Napari’s side (apart from you of course). From our side, I think @stefanv, @agdev and me would be candidates. @jarrodmillman as well (if you are attending?). Have I forgotten anyone?

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Fyi, submission deadline was extended to March 5th (AOE).


Yes, the right visa is B-1 and does require scheduling an appointment well in advance. My optimism is based on experience with the system. From past experience of others whom have used the system, the wait time to get an appointment is less than 60 days. And approval usually takes a week or two.

In the worse case where there is no appointment date, I can request for an expedite appointment from the appointment portal a month to the conference. Along with the request letter would be relevant documents about the conference and why it is important I attend. This is usually sufficient.


Hey everyone, I plan to do submit our tutorial application this Monday unless you, @jni, rather want to do it again. I’ll build on if not outright copy the submission from last years conference that you shared. I setup a draft (a copy for now) at SciPy 2024 tutorial proposal: joint proposal with scikit-image and napari - HackMD so we can tweak the text freely.

From what I could find on Napari’s Zulip chat it seems like you haven’t got any Naparista to hand the torch over to. So I would add @jni, @agdev and me as speakers and will add a note with regards to @agdev’s unlikely visa uncertainty.

I’ll assume everyone is happy with this unless I get any feedback by Monday. :slight_smile: Please let me know if I’m assuming the wrong thing or forgot anything.

Ah, sorry for the lack of updates on my end:

  • please add Erick Ratamero from the Jackson Lab. Erick did one of the first YouTube tutorials of napari just a few months after we launched. He will hopefully make it to SciPy but is uncertain because of budget crunches at JAX. (So you can also add uncertainty there in the application.)
  • Yes I would very much appreciate it if you could submit for us! Obviously wholesale copy is very much allowed, as is making it your own. :blush:

Thanks @jni, I’ll reach out to him in case there’s some coordination needed. :slight_smile:

Fyi, I’ve just submitted the proposal and invited Adeyemi and Erick. You can finda a read-only version of the proposal at Image analysis and visualization in Python with scikit-image, napari, and friends :: SciPy 2024 :: pretalx.

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Thanks, @lagru. I will be at SciPy, and am happy to be backup presenter, if anyone cannot make it.

Fyi, upon suggestion by @jni, I’ve invited Jordão Bragantini as a speaker as well. He would be happy to help as well. :slight_smile:


Fyi, the proposal was accepted and I just confirmed it. Looking forward to meeting y’all! :smiley:

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