Scikit-image logo redesign

Hi all,

I would like to restart discussions (again!) around re-designing the skimage logo. Our current logo is not very, err, iconic, and is not colorblind-friendly.

We have a preliminary design (a little owl) and a designer that we can work work. The thinking after the last round of discussions was to take the owl, dress it in scientific Python ecosystem colors, and go with that. But, perhaps we have talented graphics artists in the community who want to weigh in with other ideas!

So, next step is to collect a few of us who can form a logo design committee, to have the committee figure out what should be done, and then to work with a designer to make it happen.

Invite your friends, let’s make it happen! Just think of the cool stickers we’ll soon have. :rocket:

EDIT: Here is the preliminary owl logo. Greg pointed out that Rvision already uses an owl, FWIW.

owl owl2


My only suggestion is to make the owl wear a lab coat. :smiley:

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As someone who was engaged in the initial discussion back in 2019, I’d be happy to continue the conversation. :grinning:

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