Physical Units Summit

Hi all,

I’d like to propose that we organize a summit around physical units. There’s been a lot of activity on this topic on discourse (see UnitsXD: Units across Domains coordination and Advice and guidance about Array API for a units package) and given the current lay of the land, I think it’d be very useful to gather the interested/active parties for a summit. As @seberg mentions, it’d be great to coordinate effort on this topic across projects/domains — getting everyone together seems like a good way to make progress on this front.

There are obviously many different topics that could (and should) be discussed, but I’d like to first gauge the general interest level in a Units summit. Please indicate whether you’d be interested in participating/contributing by “voting” for the summit in the upper left hand corner of the post. Feel free to share topics/ideas for the summit in the thread as well!

At the SciPy conference we kind of had a spontaneous mini-summit about this over dinner (@seberg was one of the people there).

The few notes we made are here. A fair amount of work has gone in to making pint.Quantity compatible with xarray, including making it interoperate with dask. See also pint-xarray. Basically I think everyone who worked on that at some point will likely be interested in this summit / have useful input to contribute.


An important case is delta vs absolute

Don’t forget about non-linear units like decibels :grin:

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I’d be interested as well, since we are implementing physical units in scipp (currently not implemented ourselves, but wrapping the LLNL/units C++ library).

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