Upstreaming minimum_dependencies from spacetelescope

Hi. Not sure if this is the right category. But I want to ask if I can upstream a repo to Scientific Python org.

Background: Stuart Mumford (Cadair (Stuart Mumford) · GitHub) wants GitHub - spacetelescope/minimum_dependencies to be upstreamed to OpenAstronomy (OpenAstronomy · GitHub) because he wants to recommend it for packaging guide. Since it really is broader than astronomy, I proposed to upstream it straight to Scientific Python (Scientific Python · GitHub) and add him as the admin instead, so more packages can benefit from this. This package was originally written by William Jamieson (WilliamJamieson (William Jamieson) · GitHub), who has since left STScI.

Question: Are you interested?
If yes: We need to coordinate the upstreaming. Please contact me. I am on the Scientific Python Discord.
If no: It goes to OpenAstronomy.
If no reply in a few days: Assumes answer is no.

Thank you for your time,
P. L. Lim

(Err… I dunno how to get rid of the embed thingy…)