Suggestion: Replace issue templates with issue forms

I propose to use issue forms for scikit-image similar to NumPy’s issue forms. Issue forms are currently in beta for public repositories. I see the following potential benefits

  • It allows for more flexibility in our issue template. We can tailor it to several common use cases, e.g. reporting a bug, feature requests, … This allows us to provide more relevant resources, guidance, structure, formatting (e.g. syntax highlighting), labels. We might want to use an explicit “Other” template and disable the blank one.
  • Suggested, even mandatory fields can guide users to provide more and relevant information (e.g. the version information field). Though I would likely recommend to preserve the freedom of our old template and use the “required” field option very carefully.
  • How to reach out to us is clearly presented as a choice. It might encourage users to reflect on where the chance at a good response is most likely, benefiting them and us.
  • My gut feeling is, that a GUI form is more effective in highlighting our desired issue structure.

As this might impact you directly, check it out and thanks for the feedback!

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This has now been implemented.