SPEC 0 trove classifier and Github robot?

Would it make sense to create a trove classifier for projects that follow SPEC 0? And then have a Github robot that files an issue at every SPEC 0 event with a project (call it P) to remind P’s maintainers that they are free to drop support for old versions of a dependency (call it X) that is mentioned in SPEC 0?

To make it easy, the issue could have a link to the “what’s new” page for X and a link to SPEC 0 as a reminder of why it’s okay to drop. It could even list the minimum supported versions of X supported by P’s other dependencies so that they can see if their dependencies have already dropped support for older versions of X.

After the robot files an issue, the P’s maintainers could reply @no_more_issues , and the robot would desist. Typically there are other commands like @no_more_issues_one_year , etc.

It doesn’t strike me as particularly useful to advertise that you follow SPEC 0 through classifiers, but there doesn’t seem any harm in adding it for people who do. So +0 on that.

If you’re going to make a bot, please make it opt-in. If I’m going to adopt SPEC 0 for a project, I will add checking SPEC 0 to my release checklist and do not need botspam issues. An installable app like pre-commit or any of the other hundreds (thousands?) of apps would make more sense to me.


I’m also fairly ambivalent; the bigger priority for us is that projects agree on a rough deprecation strategy, to set up expectations.