Skimage Community Call today!

Dear Community,

We are having a Community Call today at 7pm Central European Summer Time (CEST) / 10am Pacific Time (PT). We’ll discuss what’s missing for skimage 1.0, and some things we need to make clear on SKIP 4 (see skimage#6448).

- Time: Tuesday, July 26, 10:00 – 11:00am Pacific
- Join via Google Meet:
- Notes on Etherpad

Hope to see you there!
Marianne, for the core team

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For those interested, you can find the meeting notes here:

Thanks everyone for the discussion (and thanks in particular to whoever took such thorough notes! :heart_eyes:) and apologies that I couldn’t make it! I am on holidays with family and my time isn’t really my own.

Looks like a brilliant meeting and yeah, it would be good if we had a bigger all-hands meeting and the skimage Steering Council could, you know, do councilly things. :joy: Currently I can meet ~11pm CEST most days, or 8am CEST, if anyone is interested in a chat. I’m back home in Australia starting Aug 23.

Clearly, we need some further discussion to iron out the timeline and transition planned with SKIP4. I tried to find SKIP4 as a PR or in the docs to review what it says, but couldn’t locate it. Can someone point me to where it currently lives?

I think this is the most recent version of SKIP 4. There isn’t an amending PR yet.

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Oh, I wish I had seen this before! I have a package (astroalign) that depends on Skimage quite heavily. Specifically in transformation.warp. The last change --when it was made a C extension-- created some problems for my package. I’ll be following these proposed changes more closely now.

Thanks for advertising it.

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@stefanv in the docs, SKIP 4 currently lives at: SKIP 4 — Transitioning to scikit-image 2.0 — skimage v0.20.0.dev0 docs (same as what @lagru shared)

@alexdesiqueira did :pray: :heart:

I’m moving to a new home these days, so starting today I may not be very responsive through Aug 10.

Dear @martinberoiz,

it’s not too late! Please check out the next community calls (calendar lives at :blush:

Oh, that’s great. Thanks!