Scikit-image v0.19.0rc0 release candidate available

a release candidate for v0.19 is now up on pypi and can be installed via

pip install -U --pre scikit-image

Please test it out and report and issues! Release notes are available at: Release v0.19.0rc0 · scikit-image/scikit-image · GitHub


Awesome, thank you @grlee77!!! :tada: :rocket: I’ve tweeted here if anyone wants to join the twitter party. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is a big one! Thank you @grlee77 for your tireless work. A section of the release notes I appreciate in particular is the long, long list of bug-fixes: each one of which took time to address!

I may have made this list based on updates since v0.18.0 instead of v0.18.3 which could be inflating the numbers a bit :blush:. Should we trim the items to be only the ones since v0.18.3?

:slight_smile: I imagine the difference isn’t all that big, but sure we can do that for the final release.