Scikit-image in-person meeting at EuroSciPy 2024

Dear developers,

EuroSciPy 2024 will be taking place from August 26th through August 30th, 2024 in Szczecin, Poland! As the description says, EuroSciPy aims to be the meeting point of maintainers of scientific open source projects, with other contributors and their users.

A while back, @stefanv suggested we could seize the opportunity to organize an in-person scikit-image meeting, focusing on skimage2 (see topic Yet another pathway towards skimage v2). Maybe we could use the last day (Friday, August 30th) which is dedicated to sprints?

@lagru @jni @jarrodmillman @soupault @JDWarner @rfezzani @emmanuelle @grlee77 @alexdesiqueira … Who is willing and able to join? :star_struck:

I’m very motivated to go but I need to work out some logistics, that’s why I’m starting the conversation right now. I will start another thread to discuss a talk proposal I’d like to submit (unless this violates the selection process: I don’t know whether reviewers receive anonymized proposals).

The EuroSciPy 2024 Call for Proposals will open on 1st of May 2024 and will close on 26th of May 2024 at 23:59:00 CET.


I am planning to attend and would love to have an in-person meeting!
Thanks for starting this conversation,


Same! It’s right “around the corner” from where I live so I definitely plan to attend. :smiley:


Thank you for opening this discussion, this is definitely an interesting opportunity! I need to check regarding the potential topic to present and whether there is any funding support.


Thank you for these replies!

@soupault let’s keep an eye on then. Also, @jni, could we use some grant money to organize the scikit-image in-person meeting (i.e., even for people not listed as personnel in the grant)?

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I’m unlikely to be able to join but the number of yeses is making me reconsider my travel plans :joy:

I think indeed it would be ok to use grant funds for this, especially since we gave up on outreachy for this year. (Thanks again Lars and Marianne for your efforts last year!)

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