Scikit-image community call today (Aug 23) at 17:00 UTC

Hey everyone,

here is a late reminder that we’ll have our community meeting today at 17:00 UTC (07:00 PM Amsterdam). Feel free to join us at Zoom (Meeting ID: 880 6056 7580) and checkout our meeting notes at scikit-image Community Call - HackMD. This is an open meeting, so everyone is welcome to join!

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@alexdesiqueira, I created a new zoom link for today’s meeting because I saw to late that you already created one and pasted it into our notes. Let’s use the new announced link (this post) for now, to keep the confusion to a minimum. Sorry.

Thanks for the reminder, @lagru! I’ll be joining, see you later.

Okay, I’ll updated it back to the old one that is identical with the calendar. :see_no_evil: Hope everyone arrives at the correct link and sorry for the confusion. @alexdesiqueira, your point to use the link in our calendar is valid.

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:joy: don’t worry about that, I even deleted the latest message. I think it’s okay to herd people from one place to another… but only this time :slightly_smiling_face: :wink:

It’s done already. I don’t think another reversal reversal … is gonna help. :sweat_smile:

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