Scikit-image 0.21

Hi all,

A brief update on the upcoming scikit-image 0.21 release:

The current plan is to release 0.21rc0 next Tuesday (4/4) with the final release a week later (4/11). This won’t be a huge release, but will be the last release supporting Python 3.8 and has some cleanups from the updated build system.

Since we are releasing 0.21 soon after 0.20, we will push back removing deprecated code until the next release.

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Thanks, Jarrod! This will be a record release pace for the project :slight_smile:

I am very much in favor of more frequent releases. At first I thought we should do a point release, but it’s kind of tricky knowing what exactly qualifies for inclusion; now, instead, we can also include some minor new features over the next week.

We have two important changes that affect usability and needed to go out: lazy_loader for those who package skimage as a frozen executable, and unpinning scipy so that the package can be installed on certain platforms.

Here is the first release candidate for 0.21:
scikit-image · PyPI

If there are no issues with the rc, I will release 0.21.0 final on Friday.