RFC: stats: univariate distribution infrastructure

Hi everyone,

After years in the making, maintainers @mdhaber, @tupui, @ev-br, @chrisb83, @tirthasheshpatel, @steppi, and @dschmitz89 are happy to present the following RFC.

RFC: stats: univariate distribution infrastructure

This work is part of the CZI EOSS5-0000000176 grant (Matt and Pamphile).

We reached out to the wider Scientific Python community using a variety of communication channels to share our CZI work. The proposal was well received and we’ve taken the feedback we’ve received into consideration.

Finally, the aforementioned stats maintainers made an extensive review of the API, code and documentation. After many hours of meetings, debates, polls and discussions, we have reached a state of consensus to bring the details to a wider audience :smiley: A side note: this exercise greatly strenghten our collaboration and team work :muscle: :hugging_face:

We are inviting you to to have a look at the RFC. We are planning to open a PR on the main repository to target an integration early June (after the release cut), if no major issue is surfaced. That would leave enough time for planned follow-ups before 1.15.

We would like to thank everyone from the community for their support and help to make this happen :raised_hands: