Removal of "OK to Merge" flag

Hi all,

I’ve noticed that the OK to Merge (previously MRG+1) label is now unused. With GitHub tracking reviews, it doesn’t make a lot of sense: a PR should be merged if it has been approved, and no major changes were introduced since approval.

So, I’m planning on removing that label, unless there are objections.

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I’ve been using it.

Typically I use it to indicate “we’ve approved this but we are giving a bit of time for other core devs to comment”. Yes you can search PRs with one approving review but I felt that the UX for finding them was not as good as a label. Maybe that has changed though.

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Right, typically filtering with is:open is:pr review:approved — which is something I learnt from @stefanv a little while ago, back when I expressed my attachment to the “OK to merge” label.

This is a very valid use case! I find that “:+1: OK to merge” conveys sort of the opposite message though… The label does draw my attention, and of course I will never merge anything blindly, but I guess this use case would be better reflected by a “:eyes: Please comment” or “:eyes: 2nd review please” label.

A “final boarding call :bullettrain_side:” label? :joy:

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For the latest release, I went through all PRs that either had an existing approval, or that had the MRG+1 flag attached. I can’t tell what the intent behind MRG+1 is, so if we want to keep using it, why don’t we make it explicit, with shorthands for I approve of the idea but it needs technical review or Passes technical review but I'm not qualified to comment on concept. Maybe MRG+1 has further meanings I missed :slight_smile:

My 2cts: I also don’t have a clear picture on how the “OK to Merge” label is meant. I’ve vaguely associated it people wanting to highlight that a PR is only 1 approval short of being merged. Though that does seem redundant. I’d rather ping and be pinged by people directly in case a PR should have more attention from maintainers.

The label is currently not really part of my workflow so I don’t really have a preference besides defining it’s use case more clearly.