Query about scipy.signal development


I recently came across Object-oriented design of digital filtering in scipy.signal article on Scipy wiki. This was proposed as one of the project ideas during GSOC21 for Scipy. However, I searched through the mailing list, and it seems that no one was selected for this project.

I am an Electrical Engineering undergraduate and have some knowledge in signal processing and would like to work on this project. I have also contributed to scipy before and I am familiar with the development environment and workflow.

I have a few doubts. I’ll be thankful if any maintainer can address them.

  • Is any scipy developer currently working on this project?
  • Does Python Foundation provide an official internship or fellowship for students to work on these projects outside of GSOC?

Thank you,
Namami Shanker

Hi Namami,

Thanks for your interest. This discuss forum is for developers of packages in the scientific ecosystem to discuss common problems and shared solutions. We are also just getting started and haven’t announced the site, so not many people are watching yet. We may add project specific (e.g., the SciPy library) categories later, but that will depend on interest from developers of the specific projects.

For now, if you have questions for the SciPy developers, I would recommend contacting them directly via this mailing list: SciPy-Dev Info Page

I am not aware of any official internship or fellowship for students provided by the the Python Software Foundation (PSF). The PSF is focused on the Python language. So I suspect if they did offer internships or student fellowships, those would be for developing the language and not for contributing to packages in the scientific Python ecosystem. However, the SciPy developers will be able to point you to their contributing guide, will respond to questions on their email list, and will provide feedback on your pull requests to their project: Pull requests · scipy/scipy · GitHub

Best regards,

@tupui Do you have any additional comments or suggestions?

Hi Jarrod,

I came across this website from the mailing list of Scipy. They were talking about migrating the mailing list here and thought this was a new place was for discussion of Scipy.

I will ask my question through the mailing list directly. Thanks for giving me a direction.

Namami Shanker

Thanks @jarrodmillman for this complete answer. I will answer on the mailing list as @NamamiShanker posted there as well now, but a few elements for completeness here: if there is no open PR, there is nothing more that I am aware of regarding this topic. As for opportunities like GSOC, we do sometimes small mentoring like at PyCon. Otherwize we respond to grant calls from NumFOCUS and CZI and such, but these needs to be discussed with a maintainer before doing anything. So sending a message to the mailing list is a good first step.

@tupui It is also worth noting that the PSF’s Scientific Working Group offers grants similar to the NumFOCUS Small Development Grants, in case that’s ever useful for funding internships or projects.

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Thank you I did not know about this possibility!

Here’s a blog post about it: Python Software Foundation News: PSF Scientific Working Group announces call for grant requests

The official call has closed, but the group takes requests continually.