MetPy 1.4.0 Released

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MetPy v1.4.0 (codename “hohoho”) has been released:

  • Fully projection/spherical-aware spatial derivative calculations (e.g.
    vorticity, divergence)
  • Added calculations for SWEAT index, Convective Condensation Level (CCL),
    and convective temperature
  • ArrowPlot and RasterPlot added to the simplified plotting interface,
    as well as other enhancements to the simplified plotting interface
  • Many more examples in docstrings and example gallery
  • Improve integration with other libraries that use Pint for unit-handling
  • Converted GINI support to work as a proper xarray backend

For full release notes see the GitHub release page:

MetPy packages are available for Conda on the conda-forge channel,

and for pip from the Python Package Index:

Let us know if you run into any problems, either at MetPy issue tracker, or using

You can also ask questions using the “MetPy” tag on Stack Overflow,

or on GitHub Discussions.

Happy Holidays from the Metpy team!


Ryan May
Unidata Deputy Director
Boulder, CO

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