Looking for Advice on Using Scientific Python to Optimise Performance

Hello Everyone :hugs:,

I’ve only just join the Scientific Python community, but I’m excited to discover about all of its robust tools and modules. I’ve utilised Python for a range of activities because I have a background in analysis of data and scientific research, but right now I want to streamline my processes and boost the efficiency of my code.

To be precise, I’m working on an assignment that needs difficult mathematical computations and big datasets. I’ve worked with libraries like NumPy, SciPy, and the Pandas framework, but my scripts do not run as seamlessly as I would like. This has prompted me to look for guidance on the best ways to use Scientific Python libraries for greatest performance.

Here are some specific areas whereby I would like advice:

Effective Data Handling: What exactly are some of the methods that work well for organising and analysing big datasets? :thinking: Exist specific techniques or resources inside the Scientific Python environment that can make the process run swifter? :thinking:

Enhancing Measurements: I employ matrix a lot and do intricate numerical computations. What are some best practices for enhancing these computation? :thinking: Are any aspects or methods in SciPy or NumPy stand out as being particularly efficient? :thinking:

Parallel Processing: I’ve read that tasks requiring a lot of computing can be accomplished faster using parallel processing. I’m looking for resources or tutorials that explain how to construct Python parallel processing, especially for scientific computing.

Profiling and Debugging: Which tools or approaches would you suggest using to profile and debug code in order to find performance bottlenecks? :thinking:

I also checked this :point_right: https://www.softformance.com/blog/how-to-speed-up-devops-python-code/

It would be extremely appreciated if you could offer any guidance, materials, or examples. I can’t wait to increase my Scientific Python proficiency and gain knowledge from this community’s combined experience.

Thank you :pray: in advance.

Hi Gomez!

You may want to attend some scientific Python workshop. In my experience a course with hands-on experience is very effective. [Disclaimer: self-ad ;-)] We are organizing a summer school which is an example of such a course: https://aspp.school

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