Is the algorithm on division of self overlapping polygons a good fit?

I just noticed that I never got an explicit answer to the question raised in Criteria for including new functionality into scikit-image : @skimage-core how do we feel about adding the function suggested in

to scikit-image and maintaining it? I’d like to get a (silent) consensus on this before we invest more work into this.

Based on our extended criteria in #6488:

Personally, I feel that this method may still be useful to include in scikit-image and also kind I am a little invested because fercer and others already put in some work. :pray: Still, it’s a complex and large contribution that is not trivial to review.

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@jni support’s this:

I just want to lend my support to including this. In general working with polygons in Python is a pain and it’s hard to find good implementations, so I’m glad if we can fill that hole.


Hey Lars,
I have zero time these days — not even to have an opinion! :laughing: —, but I trust your decision. +1I’ll-vote-the-same-way-Lars-is-voting from me!

Hi @lagru,

As you know, I’m also a little invested in this contribution (not as much as I should!) and I view it favourably. I think it’s valuable for users to expand their possibilities of working with polygons, but I admit the PR is requiring significant review work…

I’ll try to dedicate it a few hours next week. :pray:

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