Implementation of Diffusion filters Pull Request

Hello there!
I have created PR #6372 Implementation of diffusion filters (linear, nonlinear isotropic, and nonlinear anisotropic). Is there someone who could review it? This is my first time contributing and I would appreciate some help/tips. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

Hi Alexa, welcome and thanks for contributing!

I am extremely busy right now but I really like helping new contributors. If no one else has had time before ~mid June, please ping us again and I’ll try to make some time to meet with you and go through the PR together! What time zone are you in btw?

~ Juan.

Hi Juan,
Thank you! I will contact you if no one is available until then. I’m in the Prague zone (CEST / GMT+2).

:wave: @AlexaKrnacova and welcome! I’ve taken a quick first look at the PR, just so we can get the discussion going.