Home on GitHub for translations of websites of Scientific Python core projects

I’ve been working on setting up infrastructure for translation of the content of the brochure websites of Scientific Python Core Projects. This work is supported by the CZI Scientific Python Community & Communications Infrastructure grant.

Here’s some information for context. The localization management platform Crowdin has let me create a supported enterprise organization for Scientific Python under there free open source plan. Crowdin has GitHub integration where it can be synced with a GitHub repository containing the content targeted for translation. For translations of https://numpy.org, Crowdin was synced directly with the repo for the core project website, GitHub - numpy/numpy.org: The NumPy home page.

Through discussions with the maintainers of Pandas, PDEP-14: Publish translations of pandas.pydata.org by steppi · Pull Request #57204 · pandas-dev/pandas · GitHub, it was worked out that it would be easier if project maintainers didn’t have to manage this Crowdin stuff directly on their own repos, so we hit upon the idea of having separate repositories mirroring the content target for translation which are kept up to date through cron jobs running on Github actions. It’s these mirror repos that would be synced to Crowdin.

I am looking for a home for these mirror repos. I think it would be nice to have them within the Scientific Python organization and I’m curious if that’s a possibility and who I should communicate with about this. Also, due to how Crowdin works, it’s necessary to have separate repos for each project. Any other suggestions for which organization these repos could be placed in would also be helpful. Thanks.

Hi Albert,

It makes sense that the project maintainers, who are already overloaded, are hesitant to support further infrastructure (even when it benefits their project websites).

The simplest may be to gather all of these repos in one place, under a new organization on GitHub. That gives you full control over everything, including permissions, team, etc. And it’s free :slight_smile:

We can always move repos around later, if it makes sense.

Thanks Stéfan. Good idea. I’ll go ahead and create a new organization and call it something like “Scientific Python Translations”. I was thinking moving things around might be a little annoying with the Crowdin integration, but it probably wouldn’t be too bad.