Enable merge queues on scikit-image GitHub repo

GitHub recently added a new feature: Pull request merge queue (public beta)

– [Managing a merge queue - GitHub Docs]
Once a pull request has passed all of the required branch protection checks, a user with write access to the repository can add that pull request to a merge queue. […] The merge queue creates temporary branches with a special prefix to validate pull request changes. The changes in the pull request are then grouped into a merge_group with the latest version of the base_branch as well as changes ahead of it in the queue. GitHub will merge all these changes into base_branch once the checks required by the branch protections of base_branch pass.

@stefanv brought it up in a meeting and I concur: I think it would be useful to have and might offer some convenience for the “I’ll merge once the CI is green” cases. I’ll wait a week for input and enable the setting if nobody voices any concerns. :wink:

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FYI, the PR just got merged and I enabled merge queues for the main branch. If there are any problems you can disable the feature again under the branch settings for the scikit-image repo.

FYI2, I’ve disabled merge queues again. It seems like the current feature (beta) doesn’t allow to edit the squashed commit message. I’d say that’s a no-go.

Sorry for the back and forth. Maybe they add that feature in the future.

Thanks for exploring this option, Lars.

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