Do deprecations scheduled for 1.0 correspond to planned next release 0.20?

Hey just a quick question to confirm my understanding before doing the footwork. We have some deprecations that are schedule for completion in version 1.0, e.g. removed_version="1.0". At the time they were added I assume that no release of 0.20 was planned. From our deprecation policy

Usually, our policy is to put in place a deprecation cycle over two releases.

The way I read this, the deprecation should be completed now in version 0.20. E.g. selem should be fully removed now?

Yes, I concur with your interpretation. If we’d thought about it a bit more we would have erred in the other direction and written 0.20 in the message. That would have allowed users to use correct upper version limits if needed.

But, we are where we are, and I think removing selem is the right choice, so long as we make things clear in the release notes.

Thanks @lagru !



This is ready for review. Please have a look, if you have time. :wink:

My understanding of (kwarg_mapping={'selem': 'footprint'}, removed_version="1.0", deprecated_version="0.19") is, based on our deprecation policy, that a) it takes a v0.20 release and that b) the full removal of selem would only happen at v1.0.

The fact is that selem (considering the example of the median filter) is already removed (de facto). Also, your work @lagru at PR #6583 consists in a great cleanup and a major improvement, so I won’t oppose any argument! :pray: