Announcing SC23 Workshop: High Performance Python for Science at Scale (HPPSS)

SC23 will be held 12-17 November in Denver, Colorado, USA this year. This annual conference, formerly known simply as “Supercomputing”, historically has >10K attendees and a diverse technical program centered around High Performance Computing (HPC). This year, a workshop has been accepted which hopes to bring together more of the Scientific Python and HPC communities. Here is the announcement and link to the call for demos/papers:

The SC23 Workshop, High Performance Python for Science at Scale (HPPSS), aims to connect researchers, developers, and Python practitioners to share their experiences scaling Python applications and codes on supercomputers. The goal is to provide a platform for topical discussion of best practices, hands-on demonstrations, and community engagement via open-source contributions to new libraries, runtimes, and frameworks. Through invited talks and demo sessions, the workshop will serve as a requirements gathering exercise for the future of Python in HPC and science.

To learn more about submissions and important dates, visit

Davin Potts
on behalf of the HPPSS program committee