Announcing a New Textbook Teaching Python to Scientists and Engineers

I’d like to announce the publication by Cambridge University Press of my textbook, An Introduction to Python Programming for Scientists and Engineers, by Johnny Wei-Bing Lin, Hannah Aizenman, Erin Manette Cartas Espinel, Kim Gunnerson, and Joanne Liu.

This book teaches science and engineering students how to program using Python by focusing on science and engineering workflow tasks. Unlike most scientific computing textbooks using Python, that are geared for graduate students or practicing scientists/engineers who already know how to program, the book is written for the complete beginner. The book also introduces intermediate-level readers to software engineering tools and best-practices for writing quality code. Online Jupyter notebooks that provide discipline-specific practice and homework problems in biology, chemistry, and physics are also included.

The book is available at: The Twitter account for the book is @Lin_etal_IPySEs.