ANN: scipy-doctest package


I’m pleased to announce the general availability of scipy_doctest: the enhancement to the standard library doctest module, which adds floating point awareness to doctest checking. The core tech was used by SciPy and NumPy for quite a while to keep the documentation current, in the form of the redguide-check internal utility. The scipy_doctest package provides this fp-aware checking as a standalone, pip-installable package.

Additional features include

  • pytest integration: when scipy_doctest is installed, $ pytest --doctest-modules uses scipy_doctest instead of the standard library doctest module;
  • flexible doctest finding: pytest --doctest-collect=api switch only finds doctests in the public modules (those with names not starting with a leading underscore);
  • flexible doctest checking: the default checker is heavily informed by the needs of SciPy; Alternative checkers can be specified by just adding a key into the config dictionary
  • doctests can be skipped/ignored/xfailed by name through the config dictionary.


Install it from PyPI:

$ python -mpip install scipy-doctest


The usual

$ pytest --doctest-modules …

Configuring the behavior

See SciPy’s (scipy/scipy/ at main · scipy/scipy · GitHub) for examples.

More info

The doctesting layer is the work of multiple NumPy and SciPy contributors. For the pytest integration, special thanks goes to Sheila Kahwai and Melissa Weber Mendoça.



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