DataLab 0.10 / A new image processing platform (based on Python, scikit-image, ...)

Dear all,

As a new participant here, I wish to respect the established norms and guidelines - so should there be any nuances I may miss, I welcome your guidance.

I am posting to share with you DataLab, a new open-source platform mainly used for image processing and based on Python, scikit-image, OpenCV, …
Hopefully, some of you will be interested in using it or even contributing to its growth!

Detailed information follows below.

:information_source: DataLab is powered by PlotPyStack :rocket:.


:information_source: DataLab is built on Python and scientific libraries:

  • NumPy
  • SciPy
  • scikit-image
  • OpenCV
  • PlotPyStack


DataLab is a generic signal and image processing software.

DataLab is available as a stand-alone application (see for example our all-in-one Windows installer) or as an addon to your Python-Qt application thanks to advanced automation and embedding features.

:sparkles: Add features to DataLab by writing your own plugin or macro

:sparkles: DataLab may be remotely controlled from a third-party application (such as Jupyter, Spyder or any IDE):

  • Using the integrated remote control feature (this requires to install on your environment DataLab as a Python package and all its dependencies)

  • Using the lightweight DataLab Simple Client (pip install cdlclient)

See home page and documentation for more details on the library and changelog
for recent history of changes.

Thank you for taking the time to read my announcement. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Pierre Raybaut